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This is a community for those who have an interest in Gothic and Lolita fashion in New Zealand. We promote all genres and subgenres of lolita such as sweet, gothic, classic and punk lolita, dandy, kodona and ouji. Topics of discussion range from DIY sewing and craft tutorials, where-to-buy, hairstyle and makeup tips, meetup organisation and sales/auctions of lolita items.
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(Past themes: Socks and Shoes)

1. Please be civil to each other. Courteous disagreement is fine, but no deliberate bitchiness please. Criticism is welcomed as long as it's constructive. Don't know the difference? "That outfit sucks and you're ugly" versus "I'm not such a fan of that outfit, here's why, and here's what you could do to make it better." You don't have to be nice as pie, but please don't call each other names. It's unbecoming.
2. If you're posting images, please put the second and later ones behind an lj-cut. Here is the LiveJournal FAQ on how to make a cut. Additionally, the first image should be no larger than 600 pixels.
3. Please put all sale posts behind a cut. If you have a preview image of what you're selling, it can be posted on the main page before the cut but should be no larger than 400 pixels.
4. Sales must have something to do with the lolita fashion and must be of good quality. If I see a sale that does not meet these requirements, I will give one warning, wait 24 hours and if the post has not been edited, it will be deleted.
5. DIY tutorials, photoshoots etc are definitely encouraged! If there's enough interest, I'll start a monthly theme that we could make posts for.
6. Introduction posts are also encouraged. The NZ lolita community is growing, but it's always nice to meet new people. Intro posts also help when you attend meet-ups, because it makes it a bit easier to match the lj name to the real name and face.

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Your head mod for the duration: nessaneko. If you have any queries about the comm or an issue with something in particular, feel free to email me. Otherwise, either I or cornix will be the moderators to go to.